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The advantages of couplet hot stamping machine

Join Date:  2017-10-9

On festive days, people like to hang couplet to foil atmosphere, couplet is also one of the traditional culture of China, the previous were written since the topic since the older generation. But with the development of economy, the huge business opportunities to make a high degree of automation of couplet gilding press into the market, couplet bronzing machine has the advantages of the market demand and it is inseparable, mainly include the following:


1, couplets, hot stamping machine the entire device is not only good precision, good performance, material structure, but also easy to operate, strong and durable.


2, due to the introduction of advanced technology, so the couplet gilding press automation degree is high, can the realization of the integration of the hot stamping and truncated work.


3, couplet gilding press high production efficiency, high speed, every minute can produce dozens of couplet, and automatic equipment of paper filling and correction, can continue to produce quality couplet, very conducive to mass production manufacturer.


4, couplet bronzing machine has a unique hot stamping process, hot stamping of couplet delicate and perfect, than the average handwritten couplets and print couplet is much more beautiful.


5, couplet of hot stamping machine applicable scope is wide, not only can be hot stamping of different width of the couplet, also can be used for hot stamping envelopes, business CARDS, posters and other items.


By the visible, couplet bronzing machine can not only hot stamping out high quality and valuable couplet, still can bring good economic benefits for the manufacturer. Can say couplet gilding press hot stamping process is meaningful on traditional couplet "evolution", it can let a couplet of aesthetic, artistic, and durability is better, in the days of important bronzing couplet can make the scene more style.

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