HIONE Machinery Co.,ltd. Help Albania Small Customer Growth Plan, We are a professional bronzing machine from China manufacturers/suppliers, for bronzing machine OEM&ODM/wholesale prices. Hot Stamping Machines Manufacturer and Retailer.Many creative options like foil imprint colors, script letter styles and various designs and blocks could be used in theseDG-780 B2 Auto Die cutting/foil stamping machine. Features: The reliable of DG-780 is designed for die cutting and foil stamping purpose including auto air feeder, two foil

Foil Stamping Hot bronzing machine Manual Tipper Stamper PVC Card Logo Stainless.5.Faster foil stamping starting speed without machine interim stop for waiting impression on, subject to the set impression tonnage and machine speed.Reborn high speed die cutting and hot foil stamping machine with baroclinic die cutting structure, max. speedБольше.