HIONE Machinery Co.,ltd. Help Indonesia Small Customer Growth Plan, We are a professional foil stamping machine from China manufacturers/suppliers, for foil stamping machine OEM&ODM/wholesale prices. Highly versatile machine to perform hot foil stamping and heat transfer on various convex shapes like Oval, Square, Round, Elliptical & others.Digital Foil Printer Digital Hot Foil Stamping Machine.Advantage: Plateless or no dies, network output, personalized stamping, small size,print a4 size one time.

Our advanced offerings include Industrial Die-Cutting machines, Hot foil stamping machines, Web-fed Die Cutting machines, Sheet-fed Inspection machinesPopular Books Similar With Heidelberg Hot Foil Stamping Machine Manual Are Listed BelowUSAGE: Hot foil stamping machine belongs to printing and packaging equipment.