HIONE Machinery Co.,ltd. Help Anguilla Small Customer Growth Plan, We are a professional press gilder from China manufacturers/suppliers, for press gilder OEM&ODM/wholesale prices. Yoco die cutting machines and foil stamping machines are suitable to produce paper, cardboard and corrugated board boxes.en In a foil stamping machine, which prints a foil layer of a foil on a paper, the foil being provided with the foil layer and a heat reaction adhesive coating layer sequentially

The dwell time 2 allows the machine to remain under pressure up to 2.5 seconds. These are most important parameters for the fine tuning of foil stamping jobs.Description:Plate Less Foil Printer,Hot Stamping Machine,Digital Foiling Printing Machine.VIM SELECTION is a company specialized world-wide in the purchase and sale of second-hand Bobst machines and equipment for paper industry.